This lip mask will change your life: it’s Chummi!

When it comes to lip care, many of us cycle through endless products, searching for the perfect formula that promises more than just a temporary fix. Traditional lip balms might offer instant relief, but often, they don’t tackle the deeper issues of dryness and damage. Lip masks promise intensive care, but might feel heavy or sticky.

Meanwhile, your lips continue to suffer, showing signs of chapping, flakiness, and discomfort. 

Which is why we created Chummi, the lip care magician you’ll find yourself reaching for, day after day.

Inspired by Indian Natural Healing


Chummi lip mask is a creation born out of founder Sonia Deasy’s personal skincare preferences and deep connection to her Indian heritage. Known for never ever being without a multitasking lip mask, Sonia has always chosen lip balm over lipstick, preferring the look and feel of perfectly hydrated, natural lips.

Her obsession with how products feel on the skin inspired her to design a lip treatment that is incredibly soft and luxurious, and supremely comfortable for everyday wear. Chummi, named after the Hindi slang for ‘kiss’, features lip-softening plant butters and exfoliating berry extracts, inspired by the Indian natural healing traditions of Sonia’s heritage.

“When it comes to skincare, lips are often neglected and shouldn’t be. For the softest, most comfortable lips ever, Chummi is carefully formulated with nourishing fruit and berry extracts, and a unique blend of lip-softening plant butters.” – Sonia Deasy, Founder

Nourishing Natural Murumuru

Murumuru Seed Butter, extracted from the seeds of the murumuru palm, is a luxurious emollient known for its deep moisturising properties. With a high lauric acid content, this rich butter helps fortify the skin’s barrier, locking in moisture to prevent dryness and chapping. Ideal for soothing irritated skin, Murumuru Seed Butter also helps restore elasticity and softness, making it a go-to ingredient for revitalising dry, damaged lips. Its natural anti-inflammatory qualities make it especially effective in calming and healing the delicate skin of the lips.

Kiss Goodbye

You will kiss goodbye to common lip concerns with Chummi Lip Mask. The meticulously crafted formula tackles everything from dry, chapped lips to the dull, lifeless appearance that can plague your pout. Infused with silky-soft natural butter, it deeply nourishes, smooths away fine lines and soothes tight, irritated skin. The infusion of exfoliating fruit and berry extracts delivers essential nutrients and antioxidants to rejuvenate and protect your lips, making them look vibrant and feel healthy every day. Chummi restores essential moisture to flaky, parched lips for a smooth, soft texture.


Whether you’re struggling with inflammation and dryness, or just seeking a more youthful, hydrated smile, Chummi will transform your lip care routine, and potentially your life!


Simple solutions for beautiful skin


At Pestle & Mortar, we blend the ancient wisdoms of Indian natural healing with cutting-edge science to create simple solutions for beautiful skin.


With three delectable flavours to choose from, Chummi Lip Mask blends exfoliating fruit and berry extracts with healing natural butters and powerful antioxidants to restore essential moisture to flaky, parched lips for a smooth, soft texture.


How Sonia Uses Chummi

Pestle & Mortar founder Sonia Deasy, never goes anywhere without a lip mask (or three!). Here’s how she maximises the benefits of Chummi for the perfect pout:

Keep a Chummi everywhere

 I keep berry in my bag, vanilla on my desk, and coconut on my bedside locker. That way, I get to enjoy all three flavours everyday!

Use it all day long

Use it during the day as a lip balm and a lip gloss alternative because the shine is  unbeatable.

Spritz before you sleep

At night, I spritz with Balance to leave my lips a little damp and then I apply Chummi – it’s a game changer to seal in the moisture!


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