The Only Skincare Resolution You Need

Get back to basics with Pestle & Mortar’s 3-Step Refresh & Reset for healthy skin.

Address the challenges of resetting your skincare needs for a successful 2024 with Pestle & Mortar’s award-winning favourites.

As the New Year begins, Pestle & Mortar invites you to rely on proven skincare favourites. Treat your skin to nourishing layers of hydration with Hydrate Moisturiser and Pure Hyaluronic Serum, while you maximise product efficacy and improve skin health with the brand’s award-winning Double Cleanse system. A simple, proven, back-to-basics routine to set your skin up for success in 2024.

The 3-Step Reset & Refresh: double cleanse, treat, & hydrate

Embark on a revitalising skincare journey with The 3-Step Reset & Refresh by Pestle & Mortar. This transformative trio seamlessly blends deep cleansing, intense hydration, and nourishing care to reset and refresh skin for the New Year.

Double cleansing is the foundation of any effective skincare regime, and once you start doing it, you’ll notice a visible difference immediately.

The award-winning Pestle & Mortar double cleansing system, Erase & Renew, contains an oil-based balm cleanser and an illuminating gel cleanser. Packed with super-nourishing ingredients, they pair together to leave skin clean, hydrated, and protected. Erase is formulated with nourishing natural oils and delicately scented with lavender to reduce redness and leave skin feeling calm and comfortable.  Superoxide dismutase powers Renew, an enzyme that protects skin from free radical damage

Both Erase and Renew are suitable for all skin types and come with a 100% cotton double-sided cleansing cloth to complete the system.

Pure Hyaluronic Serum and Hydrate moisturiser, Pestle & Mortar’s all-time bestselling hydration products fortify and hydrate skin with panthenol, multi-weight hyaluronic acid, peptides, and squalane, ensuring multi-level hydration. Ideal for daily use, this duo ensures 24/7 hydration, helping skin maintain its radiant, soft, and healthy look as the seasons change.

We believe skincare should be simple, and it should work. At Pestle & Mortar, we blend the ancient wisdoms of Indian natural healing with cutting-edge science to create simple solutions for beautiful skin.

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