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The Empties Bag

With a family of 7, Pestle & Mortar founder Sonia Deasy became increasingly bothered by the fact that cosmetic containers are not being disposed of properly. Most containers are made up of various parts and not every component is suitable for recycling. The solution was to devise a simple recycling system that can become part of everyone’s daily beauty life.

The Empties Bag

Enter The Empties Bag: your beauty laundry bag. By collecting your Pestle & Mortar empties and following the online Empties Guide for instructions on how to dispose of  them correctly, you’ll help reduce excess landfill waste and clean up the planet one container component at a time.

Pestle & Mortar Founder Sonia Deasy believes that if everyone does their beauty laundry, we can help tackle the problem of excess landfill waste together:

“I was overthinking it at first. Then I thought, ‘if we can separate our whites from our colours, surely it’s not a huge task to separate our lids from our bottles! The Pestle & Mortar Empties Bag looks chic and is a convenient size that will hang in any bathroom. A simple system to clean up our beauty lives and our planet.”



Pestle & Mortar is committed to being 100% transparent on our sustainability journey. For more information visit our sustainability page. Customers need to know how to dispose of their beauty containers correctly so they can take intentional action in their daily beauty lives. Hence the hashtag ‘greenwashing’ for The Empties Bag. Greenwashing is the name given to a false claim that a company makes to misguide consumers into believing that its products are environmentally friendly. We’re turning it on its head. Join us in reducing our landfills of cosmetics containers and let us know about your efforts using #greenwashing.

How it Works

1.     Hang your Empties Bag on a bathroom hook

2.     Fill your Empties Bag with finished product containers

3.     Pick a day and get your beauty laundry done, properly

How do I get my Empties  Bag?
Become a Responsible Recycler Today

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