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How to fix a face tan fail

Admittedly, it’s hard to look yourself in the mirror after a face tan fail and face tanning can go wrong in many ways. Too dark, streaky, blotchy or not quite the colour you were hoping leaves you desperately looking for a fix.

The last few years in beauty have been a makeup minefield  involving foundation, contouring, highlighting and bronzing. Recently however, there’s a noticeable shift towards the type of  makeup that merges with skincare – makeup that has people thinking you’ve just been on holidays or that you’re looking exceptionally ‘well’. Complicated makeup routines that need lots of time and multiple layers are gladly being replaced with everyday cosmetic solutions that don’t take hours to apply or huge efforts to maintain.

Enter face-tanning. Using the right face tanning product, you can feel ready for the day without caking on lots of additional cover. The  idea is to  achieve a natural sun-kissed glow so that you can easily create your favourite makeup look with less layers and in record time. 

But of course, it can go wrong.

And when it does, the first thing to remember is that tan only works on the surface layers of the skin. As the skin will naturally shed its top layer over time, you should be looking much better within a week or so. However, as a week is a long time for your face, here’s what you can do in the meantime:


Speed up the exfoliation process by introducing an acid toner into your routine. Acid toners slough away dead skin cells (and orange skin cells for that matter!) to reveal clean, healthy skin underneath. Don’t be too harsh – opt for something gentle like  lactic acid which exfoliates and hydrates all at once.

Double Cleanse

Double cleansing is simply cleansing the skin twice at night. Use a face cloth and water to remove your cleansers.  This will remove tan gradually and speed up the skin regeneration process.

Finally, to avoid future face tan fails, check-out  Face Tanning. The Do’s and Don’ts.

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