How do I fade acne scars & hyperpigmentation?

“How to treat hyperpigmentation” is one of the most frequently asked questions in relation to skincare concerns so if you suffer with it, you’re certainly not alone. 

The problem with dark spots, hyperpigmentation and acne scarring is that they are problems that can’t be solved instantly. Taking the time to consistently address these concerns with the right skincare ingredients is the only way to get meaningful results. With help from superstar ingredients in your daily routine, hyperpigmentation spots and scarring will fade.  

What is hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation can be caused by sun damage, inflammation, or other skin injuries, including those related to acne. People with darker skin tones are more prone to hyperpigmentation, caused by excess melanin production, the pigment that gives skin its colour.. Hyperpigmentation appears as darkened patches or spots on the skin that make skin look uneven.  

How do I treat it?

With a skincare routine that includes ingredients that  are targeted to treat dark spots, you can successfully fade hyperpigmentation and correct discoloured acne scars but it requires consistency and patience. These are the key ingredients that you should incorporate into your routine if your goal is to  get your skin looking bright, even and radiant.  

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is absolutely essential  for anyone wishing to fade dark spots. This wonder-ingredient has amazing skin-brightening benefits and also provides the skin with protection against UV rays. Vitamin C helps to inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase, which helps to prevent melanin production. Plus, it significantly lightens pigmentation but does not lighten normal skin. Vitamin C 2 Phase serum is an intense blend of 3 types of vitamin C for dramatically brighter-looking skin. It’s best to include vitamin C into your routine as a serum and  not a cream for maximum benefits against scarring and dark spots.  


The champion of anti-aging ingredients, retinol helps to heal cystic acne, fade dark spots, soften wrinkles and lighten hyperpigmentation. Use a retinoid night oil at night to nourish and repair the skin. Superstar Retinoid night oil is formulated with two types of fast-acting retinols that get straight to work repairing damaged skin without causing irritation.  


If your skin is scarred and discoloured, sloughing away dead cells and helping fresh skin cells to thrive is important. A great AHA toner should exfoliate your skin without stripping it. NMF lactic acid solution is a leave-on ultra-hydrating lactic acid toner that gently exfoliates the skin, preparing it for regeneration.  

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