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Healthy skin doesn’t stop at the face: build a routine for your body

Are you the type of person who has carefully curated a skincare routine for your face? It’s packed with targeted active ingredients and you perform it religiously morning and night. You cleanse, tone, treat, and moisturise to get refined pores, a supple complexion, and younger-looking, beautiful skin. That’s absolutely fantastic, but in our quest for glowing, silky-soft, healthy skin on our faces, it’s easy to neglect the skin on our bodies.

Sometimes, it’s the hassle – our bodies are large and covered in skin. And generally, there are two types of people in the world: those who will happily slather on lotions after hopping out of the shower and those who couldn’t imagine a more tedious task.

We get it. Your time is precious and you might have neglected body care even though you’re a stickler about your daily face care routine. But the problem is this: who doesn’t want silky-soft, glowing, healthy skin on their body? Yes, correct – virtually everyone who cares about looking and feeling their best everyday. Which is why everyone needs to adopt a skincare mentality that extends to their entire body, not just their face.

It’s time to show the skin on your body some true love. To do that, it’s not enough to just throw on any old moisturiser and hope for the best – the rule is: if you wouldn’t do it to your face, don’t do it to your body.

Here are some tips to create the standard of routine the skin on your body deserves:


Nobody wants to waste money on a cream that’s essentially just a tub of scented Shea Butter. What you are looking for is high-performance skincare for your body. You want hard-working active ingredients that are worked into nourishing formulations so that the product makes a visible difference and actually does something for skin health.

The skin on our bodies ages just like the skin on our face – it loses elasticity, gets wrinkled, and becomes drier as we age. When curating an effective body care routine, you need products that do more than just moisturise the skin – you need hard-working products that target skin concerns like sagging skin, dry skin, and ageing skin.

On top of this, your body care products should make you feel good. You shouldn’t feel like it’s a chore – otherwise you won’t do it. Caring for the skin on your body should feel like a treat that you look forward to.


You know all about the hero-ingredients you need for your face, but what about your body?  

Ceramides are fats that make up over 50% of the skin’s natural composition. As we age, the ceramide levels in our skin deplete, leading to dry skin and visible signs of ageing. They are an anti-ageing powerhouse ingredient when combined with other skin-replenishing ingredients like cholesterol and niacinamide. They lock moisture into the skin which helps prevent dryness and irritation and protect your skin aganst environmental stressors.

The key is to give your skin nourishment and care every single day.

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