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5 amazing skin benefits of body scrubs and body butters

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We know that including a great body scrub and body butter into your skincare routine feels amazing, but did you ever wonder exactly what this duo actually does for skin?

Sugar Body Scrubs Are Exemplary Exfoliators

Sugar body scrubs are excellent exfoliators because of their naturally abrasive texture and also because they are humectants. This means that your sugar body scrub will remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and provide hydration at the same time. The result is beautifully soft, hydrated skin that’s ready to glow.

Body Scrub Brightens Skin

Sugar cane contains a host of minerals that nourish and brighten your skin. It also contains glycolic acid which is found naturally in sugar and works to brighten skin and even out pigmentation spots for a clear and smooth skin tone.

Removes and Prevents Ingrown Hairs

By massaging your sugar scrub gently in a circular motion onto slightly dampened skin, you will free ingrown hairs and prevent new ones from occurring.

Body Butter Intensely Hydrates Skin

Nothing says ‘moisturise’ like a richly nourishing body butter packed with hydrating ingredients. Body butters go on smooth and thick to provide deep hydration. Ingredients like shea butter and natural oils penetrate deep into the skin to give lasting moisture. 

Body Butter Benefits Skin Health

Most body butters contain a host of vitamins and minerals that are essential for skin health. For example, shea butter is an ingredient that delivers vitamins A, C and E to skin. These are powerhouse antioxidants that protect the skin, heal scarring, and brighten skin tone.

Nimbu Body Scrub

This luxurious exfoliating body sugar  is blended with a clinically-proven ceramide complex, grape seed oil, and sugar. It gently exfoliates the skin on the body, leaving it smooth, soft, and glowing.

Nimbu Body Butter

Nimbu Body Butter is a meltingly-soft body butter formulated with a clinically-proven ceramide complex and enriched with shea butter, avocado oil, and turmeric. It intensely locks moisture into the skin, leaving it silky-smooth and radiant from head to toe.

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